Dear friends and families of The Dance Gallery,


With the announced closure of all schools in South Kitsap School District, it is with a heavy heart the we have to announce that classes at The Dance Gallery will be cancelled for the duration of the school closure.  Currently the district closure is starting Monday and goes through April 24th.  We will be following the same closure schedule as South Kitsap School District in regards to preventing the spread of the pandemic that is Covid-19.  We are so sad to not see all of our amazing dancers, gymnasts, and their families for the next 6 weeks, but know the importance of being proactive to prevent further spread of this disease.


In regards to your current tuition, we have two options we are currently offering to help keep things on all sides running as smoothly as possible.  

The first is we are offering you the ability to "double down" in May when we reopen by taking twice the number of classes for the months of May and June at your normal tuition rate.  This would mean your auto withdraw payments would not be interrupted and the billing would go on as normal.  

Our second option we are presenting is one that humbly asks for graciousness and generosity and is one that makes us apprehensive in even asking.  We are asking that tuition be done as a donation to our studio and for arts in our community to help keep it and us still open.  We are passionate about our students and their families and want to continue to be that second home for all who are a part of our studio.  

Like many small businesses we are deeply concerned about the economic impact this will have on us, but we know the safety and health of all of us is more important and must come first.  We know that so many things are out of our control for everyone involved and have not come to any decisions lightly.  We appreciate each and every one of you and hope to be able to continue our journey together in this beautiful discipline called dance.

Should school be canceled for longer, we are already working on a plan to move forward even if we cannot meet in person.


We thank you all for your understanding and support in such a tumultuous time.  With persistence and prayer we will find our way through this stronger than ever before.  Regardless of your decision on how to proceed individually, we trust you are doing the right thing for your family just as we are trying to do for ours.  


We know there will be questions in these first few days and will do our best to answer all questions in as timely a manner as possible.  We thank you in advance for your patience during this trying time.


Thank you and Sincerest of Regrets for any disruption to all of our lives,

Kim Smith & Erynn Bosch

The Dance Gallery

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